Rules of Engagement

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Welcome to the Redmund community. 

We are a network of bloggers, writers, authors, editors, beta readers and publishers. The purpose of this forum is to promote cooperation between the layers which come together to form books: on paper, electronically and through audio and video. By pooling our collective talents, we aim to bring the best books, audio books and videos to market.

Very few things are prohibited in this forum. They are as follows:

  • Character assassinations
  • Destructive criticism
  • Discrimination
  • Disrespect
  • Spam

Although only adults are allowed in the forum, please be respectful of those who choose to avoid profanity. This is not a prohibition which applies universally, as many WIP we discuss include profanity. Likewise, there will be threads designed specifically to provoke profanity. Be civil.

Most of all, be inspired. Enjoy your stay.