Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy governs all portions of interaction with, RP Services and Redmund Productions (Redmund). Redmund respects the privacy of its members.

Personal Information

Redmund does not sell, rent, give away, share or otherwise distribute personal information of its members, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Website address(es)
  • Birthdate
  • Payment information
  • Purchase history
  • Browsing history
  • Personally identifiable information

Redmund does not use readers', authors’, members’, users’ or subscribers’ email addresses for any purposes other than:

  • the automated correspondence notifications of posts, comments and pages, the frequency of which is governed by the reader via their RSS feed reader or subscription service used to generate such email;
  • in direct response to email, comment or other digital inquiries;
  • as notification of pending or complete termination of an account;
  • as notification of refund, shipping or other transaction-related announcement;
  • periodic requests for customer feedback on transactions or promotional products;
  • to quarterly announce new features, if any; and/or
  • to announce substantive changes to Redmund Terms of Service.

Occasionally, an email from an RSS feed or a subscription will be sent in which a link subsequently does not work. This is a malfunction of the notification system. When this occurs, the link may work within 12 hours of the time the email was sent. In the event it does not self-correct, please visit the category, forum or blog for the newest entries.

You may opt out of email at any time by visiting your RSS feed reader or unsubscribing to posts, pages and blogs. In such case, you will not be notified of changes to the Terms of Service and other policies which govern your use of Redmund. Even without such notice, you will be bound by the policies when using Redmund.

You are not under any obligation to provide information to Redmund. You are welcome to view only the public portions of Redmund. 

Sharing of Information

There are scant reasons where Redmund will share your information. Those reasons are:

  • to ship products to you;
  • to deliver intellectual assets in the event of sale of Redmund Productions to another company. Should this occur, information will be governed by this policy until such time as a new owner amends it. You will be given the option to terminate your account with any future owner prior to such change;
  • to protect Redmund, its affiliates, clients, users and parent against violations of copyright and intellectual property rights laws, credit risk and fraud; and/or
  • to enforce or maintain the policies set forth on Redmund.


Redmund uses cookies to collate information on our user base, including the country of their access. At no time does Redmund reveal the contents of said cookies to any other company than its parent, PME, LLC, which manages the internal information systems. Your browser provides information about setting, receiving and blocking cookies. In the event you choose to block Redmund from placing and receiving cookies, you will be unable to access the shopping cart, make purchases, post to the blog or forum or use any other portion of Redmund which requires you to log in.

Google Ads 

Google uses the DoubleClick DART cookie on Redmund in the placement of ads to streamline the delivery of relevant ads. These third parties may place or read cookies in your web browser.

Social Media 

Your passwords for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and any other social media for which a sharing tool or log in assistant is provided will never be accessible to Redmund. 

Rules of Engagement

Welcome to the Redmund community. 

We are a network of bloggers, writers, authors, editors, beta readers and publishers. The purpose of this forum is to promote cooperation between the layers which come together to form books: on paper, electronically and through audio and video. By pooling our collective talents, we aim to bring the best books, audio books and videos to market.

Very few things are prohibited in this forum. They are as follows:

  • Character assassinations
  • Destructive criticism
  • Discrimination
  • Disrespect
  • Spam

Although only adults are allowed in the forum, please be respectful of those who choose to avoid profanity. This is not a prohibition which applies universally, as many WIP we discuss include profanity. Likewise, there will be threads designed specifically to provoke profanity. Be civil.

Most of all, be inspired. Enjoy your stay.


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